Application Guideline & Form
for Pilot TV Program HOST


We are looking for a “HOST” in Japan for a pilot program to be broadcast on a Philippine television station;

✅ Resident in Tokyo or near Tokyo (Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa)
✅  Filipino nationals with one of the following visas:
*Permanent Residency・Long Term Resident・Japanese Spouse・Spouse of Permanent Resident
✅ MUST require conversational level in Japanese ・Tagalog・English.
✅ Applicants  for inexperienced and experienced

Content of the TV program

Informative and cross-cultural program between Japan and the Philippines
◉Program Target:
Hosting and location coverage for an information pilot program broadcast on Philippine’s new Television Station (Target aging for the show: Late 20s up to 40s)

Filming Place:Japan

◉Near Tokyo and surroundings within Japan.

Filming Period

◉From January to the end of February 2024.
*Only on designated shooting days
*The period might be extended

Job description

◉A program host for Japanese segments on location.

Application process

◉Please complete the application form below and click “SEND MESSAGE,” or you can submit it to the email address provided.
◉Successful candidates will be contacted via email regarding the interview date. The Interview will be conducted online and be held during this December or early January,2024.

Application Form

    Start the videos in the following order;
    (1) Begin your self-introduction with the following phrases:
    Hello, Konnichiwa Manila!!

    (2) Self-introduction

    (3) What or How do you like to introduce Japan to Filipinos?
    *Please send the Video Link.

    Head, Upper body, Full body must be shown in the Video.

    Deadline is as soon as the host position selected.

    Personal information entered in your information and Self-introduction video will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of this selection.

    We give due consideration to the protection of personal information during communication.

    Send to; Chameleon & Co. Inc.
    Email address;
    Subject; Applying Pilot TV Program JPN Segments Host
    For any questions, please contact us at the same email address above.

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